British Transplant Games Medway

Here are some pictures that were taken by various people at the recent Games. I apologise for the odd photo that is not as sharp as I would like it to have been but have decided to publish it in any case. I have also taken a number of video clips which I will upload to Facebook in due course but at the moment video cannot be uploaded direct to the website. More pictures will be added as I receive them from both competitors and supporters and I will, over time, give as many pictures as possible a caption and hopefully the names of those being “framed”. Each time that I add pictures to this gallery, which can be accessed under the main menu, I will post a reminder on Facebook. Please request to join our Facebook community if you haven’t done so already at:

It was my first Games and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as I hope all those who attended did and look forward to seeing you all at Sheffield in 2013.

Be well.


Tony Chapman

Website Editor

NB: Some photos that have been sent to me were taken in portrait and so appear to be cropped at the top and bottom. You will need to left click on the picture to view them fully in whatever program your computer defaults to.