Talha’s Story

Talha was diagnosed with Cardio Myopathy in November 2011. He turned one in August that year.

He was a well baby with no problems at birth and in his first year. The day before Talha was hospitalized he was vomiting and very floppy.

I took him to the hospital in Blackburn, there he was diagnosed with heart failure.

The team from liverpool came and put him on life support. I actually lost him for a few minutes, no parent should have to go through that, it was unbearable.
While in Liverpool after about 24 hrs his left foot basically died on him, it turned black. A blood clot had gone down his leg, stopping the blood supply and a clot went up to his brain, causing a stroke.

That same night they put him on Echmo and we travelled up to the Freeman..a whole different world up there. I cant explain what i felt. I was miles away from Ali and Aminah and that was so hard, but i couldnt leave Talha in any condition.
The next day at the Freeman they decided to put him on the Donor list and in the meantime they needed to get him stable on the Berlin heart.

I’ve never been so scared in my life. We didnt know to what lenght the stroke had affected him and they were also telling me that they would have to do a below knee amputation, there was a big risk of infection.
Talha was on the Berlin Heart for 11 weeks.

He has his Heart Transplant on the 28th of January 2012 a day after Aminah’s 5th birthday.

Whislt he was on the Berlin Heart we started noticing the skin on his foot peeling slightly and revealing new skin around his ankle. It was pink healthy skin. It took a while, but slowly his foot was recovering.

Dr Gerand ,the Orthopedic consultant was keeping a close eye on his foot. He was a God sent. If it wasnt for him he would have lost half his leg, he was always so positive that it could heal a little.
In October 2012 his foot stopped healing and we had to go into The Freeman again to have the front half removed. but you know im not complaining and i dont think Talha is too.

He leant to walk again in January this year for the 3rd time. His wound is still healing, there is a small bit left which is taking for ever but you saw him at the games hes managing brillantly and no one could ever tell there was anything wrong.

We are just waiting for his bandage to come off and then hes going to get some shoe filler to give him more balance.

There is one thing I’ve noticed which is that hes got more of a wiggle when he runs..made me laugh when he was doing the 25 meter.

Written by his Mum, Nabeela

Talha & his older brotherAli, coming over the finish line of the 25m.

Well done to Talha, our youngest member of the Freeman Transplant Team.