British Transplant Games 2017

2017’s Transplant Games took place in North Lanarkshire Scotland

We had a team of 47 Competitors and 65 supporters representing the Freeman Hospital. Nine of those were newly transplanted patients and their families.

Day One

So today marked the start of the games with the Archery and Snooker being the first events along with a new event, the Virtual Triathlon.

The Archery Team

We had 10 competitors and we ended the Day with

  • Adele Lambert Silver
  • Sue Wrightson Gold
  • Debbie Burdon Gold
  • Simon Ripley Silver
  • Lisa Shrive Gold
  • Doreen Collingwood Bronze

The Virtual Triathlon included our very own McLellan family this was an event that supporters could also take part in

Amy McLellan came away with the Gold medal for the 12-17 yr. old category despite being the youngest person taking part.

Louise McLellan received the Bronze medal and

Kenny McLellan made it a full sweep for them winning the Gold medal also.

A Family Event

The Snooker team were in action over the other side of Glasgow with Paul Kirsop winning the Gold Plate Medal and

Christopher Richardson winning his first ever medal at the games a Bronze

Alan Wheeldon also won a Bronze Medal

Christopher also celebrated the 10th Anniversary of his Heart and Lung Transplant while he was at the games.

Congratulations Christopher from

The Freeman Team

We had one Team member who has recently moved up from the Children’s Team Stephen Moffatt took part in the Basketball and won a Bronze Medal.

We then went on to attend the Opening Ceremony

Day Two

Today started off with the Table Tennis we had 8 competitors taking part, for two of them it was their first time at the games.

Joan Whitney won a Gold medal

Lisa Hertwig won a Bronze Medal at her first games and

Berni Bailey also won a Bronze Medal at his first games

The Volleyball team were in action to today we only had a small team this year but the effort was the usual high standard.

Next event was the Ten Pin Bowling we had a 22 strong team this year it was a real social event

  • Kez Greenwood won a Gold Medal
  • Doreen Collingwood Bronze Medal
  • Barrie Beswick Silver Medal
  • Allan Hodgson Bronze Medal
  • Stephen Moffatt Gold Medal

We then had the Cycling event the weather was terrible and hard going

  • Louise McLellan won a Silver Medal
  • Debbie Burdon Silver Medal
  • Mick Bradshaw Gold Medal
  • Lisa Hertwig Gold Medal

Later that night we had the Darts event we had a team of 10 competitors in this event

  • Kez Greenwood won a Gold medal
  • Rebecca Long a Bronze Medal

Day Three

A busy day today we had the team competing in Badminton, Bowls and 5 a side as well as the 3k and 5k walks

  • Joan Whitney won a Gold medal
  • Stuart Kaye a Silver Medal

Christine Brunton a Bronze

The Swimming Team Were in action to

  • Ewan Smith won a Gold and Bronze Medal
  • Robert Hodgkiss won two Silver Medals
  • Debbie Burdon won a Gold
  • Adele Lambert won a Bronze

We also had the badminton today with Paul Kirsop and Lisa Hertwig taking part Lisa came away with a Bronze medal.

The bowls team had a record number of seven team members we didn’t come away with any medals but we still did well.

The 5 a side team unfortunately suffered a couple of injuries but I’m told that next year they will be amazing!!

We did however get one surprise medal in the 5 s side as Paul Kirsop joined the Freeman Children’s Team and they won the Gold. Well done guys.

We then had one of the Main Events of the games the Donor Walk the weather was horrendous and we did not know when they would start. But miraculously the skies cleared up and we all set off. We had 30 team members and their families, friends and Donor families taking part we all finished, thanks to our donors.

Louise Mclellan won a Bronze medal in the Mini Marathon.

Day Four

Athletics Day today we had all sorts of events going on the most popular event was the Ball Throw event with 11 team members taking part.

We won medals today in most of the events

Kez Greenwood won Gold medals in Discus & Shot Putt.

John Pollit won a Gold in Discus, Silver in shotput and Silver in Javelin.

Alan Wheeldon Silver in the Javelin, Silver in the Ball Throw and Bronze in the High Jump.

  • Louise McLellan won Silver in the 400 meters
  • Rob Hodgkiss won Silver in the Discus and Shot Putt and the 200m
  • Liam Waterworth won Silver in the Ball Throw
  • Judith Burgess Won Silver in the Ball Throw
  • Mark Allen Won Bronze in the 200 meters
  • Rebecca long won Bronze in the Ball Throw
  • Doreen Collingwood Bronze in the Ball Throw

We also had a special event this year it was a 4 x 100 metre relay race in honour of one of our members Craig O Neil who sadly passed away last year. We had a freeman team in the event and the Trophy was presented by Craig’s Family his wife Sharon his Mam and dad and his two sons it was a very emotional time for the family and the team members who knew him so well.

This was a lovely end to the four days of the games

Medal Table

Medals Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Totals
Gold 6 6 4 3 19
Silver 2 3 3 10 18
Bronze 6 5 4 6 21
Total 14 14 11 19 58

58 Medals in total well done guys.

The last night of the games we had the gala dinner celebration we all had a team photo and the night was enjoyed by all

The Graham Marsh trophy was won by the Team Manager Adele Lambert who was quite amazed to have won the award for the second year running and was quite emotional.

We had a blast at the games this year and it’s all thanks to our donors and their families without them we would not be able to do all of these amazing things.

It’s not all about winning medals it’s about showing our abilities and our love of life and sometimes just gaining confidence in ourselves.

We are all very lucky and very thankful to be able to create these memories with our loved ones and hopefully make our donors proud in the meantime.

Team Freeman you were amazing see you all next year.

Adele Lambert

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