FHLTA Team report on British Transplant Games – Liverpool July 2016

British Transplant Games – Liverpool 2016


Team managers write up – Vicky Pettersen

Day 1 – Thursday 28th July

We all had a great first day at The Games in Liverpool.
Events started with the members taking part in Archery with a mix of those who were both experienced and completely new to the sport.
Susan Wrightson our most experienced Archer won the Gold. Well done Sue.
Adele Lambert also won a Silver, well done Adele.
It’s great to see people being able to have a go at new sports for the first time so well done everyone at archery and especially our newbies and John Comb who has just come out of hospital.
Next was the snooker where Paul Kirsop won the Gold and apparently played some blinder shots. Paul just missed out on the gold last year so also a great personal achievement for him.
We done to our competitor Christopher Richardson who still managed to make his way round a snooker table despite braking his foot earlier this week. This just shows the determination of all our competitors.
Later in the day we all went down to the opening ceremony where in Hospital teams we paraded along the Albert Dock to the ACC arena for the handing over one the flag from NewcastleGateshead to Liverpool and the official lighting of the flame.
New member Debra Barlow did us proud leading the team holding the Freeman flag in the parade.

New member Kate Wales also did us proud up on stage with our Children’s team representative Oliver who were both involved in the handing over the ceremonial over the flag to Liverpool.

We were honoured to have Gymnast Beth Tweddle speaking at the ceremony and talked with us about her wishes to be an Organ Donor and how shared how she talked to her family about it.

A very poignant and emotional part of the ceremony for myself and everyone I’m sure was when the Donor family Network and Live Donor families came onto stage.

These people/families & similar families all over the world like them made a decision and gave us Life ❤
It always makes me emotional and shed a tear to see and meet them in person.
The ceremony ended and most our team went onto a restaurant to share a lovely team meal.
Here we awarded the European Graham Marsh trophy (voted on by members attending Finland) to the worthy and overwhelming winner Paul Woodward – Paul has been a personal friend for nearly 23 years and is almost 24 year Post Double lung transplant and my own personal inspiration – Well done, well deserved.

Day 2- Friday 29th July, Another great day at the games.

A few of us ventured down to the Pullman Hotel to hear Sir Roy Calne Professor of surgery talk about his work in Transplantation, it was one of the most amazing, inspiring talks on the history of transplantation I have ever heard and gave a great insight into the history of transplantation .

He talked about how in 1950 as a medical student he asked why someone who was dying from Kidney disease couldn’t just have a graft. He was obviously told not to ask stupid questions but then went on to say less than 4 years later they were doing exactly that.
He has worked with the great men who developed the initial and common immuno suppressive medications and worked to advance these to what we have today.

He is also an amazing artist and had painted a lot of his patients. He used his transplant illustrations in his presentation. I would definitely recommend looking at his work and reading about his Medical career.
Next came a talk from the great founder of the British Transplant Games- Maurice Slapac.

Again, it was so inspiring to hear how when he saw patients struggling post-transplant psychology he was inspired to look into the idea of getting them to take part in a sporting competition and how psychologically there quality of life improved as well as physically.
Finally a lady called Angela Dunn spoke.

Angela had a Kidney transplant 46 years ago and was one of Sir Roy Calne patients. Angela is doing very well and has just celebrated her 69th birthday. It was overwhelming to hear her story.
Following the speakers was an Organ Donation debate where we discussed ways of breaking through the barriers that are often seen when getting the public to consider Organ Donation.

At 12 noon was the launch of the ‪#‎DonationConversation campaign.

This is a new campaign to promote Organ donation and the conversation between families about organ donation.

During this period our team member were competing in their events.
Liam John Waterworth was our representative at the fishing but the thought if the BTG fishing team turning up terrified them all so no fish were caught by anyone.

Liam was seen lurking around the hotel fish tank.

Mark Print started in the Badminton but unfortunately developed a rupture in his calf muscle so had to pull out out. Hopefully Mark will be recovered soon.
We had a team at the Ten Pin bowling & Rebecca Long won a Silver.

Above – Bowling Team

Well done to everyone at the Ten Pin Bowling.
I headed with the team over to the Cycling event at Litherland Park.
This is turning into a really big event and it is great to see the kids for the second time with numbers increasing greatly.
We were not able to secure any medals in the men’s cycling but the competition was fierce and standard higher than ever.

Our guys did really well.

Richard Caulkin has just returned from illness so it was a personal achievement to take part.
Also well done to Paul Woodward, Simon Ripley and Stuart Kaye for a great effort.
Lou McLellan did particular well gaining a Bronze in both 5k & 10k race

Wendy Caulkin gained a personal best time. Well dine Wendy.

Well done to Debbie Burdon who despite forgetting to take her nebuliser beforehand (Yes- nothing gets past me), continued on.

Above – Freeman Cycling Team

A great achievement by everyone in the great ‪#‎Team Freeman 🚲🚲

The evening ended with the Darts event.

Well done to everyone who took part and particularly Rebecca Long who gained her second medal- a bronze of the games.

Day 3 – Saturday 30th July

Today is a very busy day at the Games with events in all venues.
We had a few members in a Volleyball scratch team but our Captain Kez Greenwood had to pull out due to injury. Well done to our Volleyball team.
A few of us went over to the 3k Speed walk at lunch time and manged to come home with 3 Silver medals so well done Christine Brunton & Joan Whitney

Stuart Kaye – far right – Silver / Kate Wales,Christine Brunton, Joan Whitney,Vicky Pettersen

I also was very pleased to get a Silver.

Well done to our new team member Kate Wales who just missed out coming 4th in her category, which is very good for her first games.
Stuart Kaye also won a Silver in the men’s 5k Speed walk so well done to Stuart.
David John and Liam John Waterworth represented us in the Bowling and had a lovely sunny afternoon so well done guys.

Above – David John & Liam Waterworth
The big event on a Saturday is always the Swimming. Thanks to Adele Lambert for managing the swimming.
A special well done has to go to Ewan Smith who transferred up from the Children’s team for his first year. Ewan also went onto win a Gold in the Backstroke & Silver in the Breaststroke. A great achievement Ewan. Well done to all our swimmers.

Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Swimming Team Report

Liverpool 2016

We had a smaller team this year of only 5 swimmers.

Ewan Smith has joined our team from the Children’s team and was a bit apprehensive, he need not have worried as in his first race the 50mtr backstroke he won the Gold followed by Bronze in the 50mtr Freestyle what an entrance.

Robert Hodgkiss was up next and won a Bronze in the 50mtr Backstroke.

Adele lambert was in the 100mtr Breaststroke and its fair to say she struggled to reach the end but won the Bronze.

Debbie Burdon, Adele Lambert and Louise Mclellan lined up for the 50mtr breaststroke race this was a tough race with 8 entrants in Debbies and Adele’s category and 7 in Louise’s they all got personal best times but unfortunately just missed out on medals.

Robert was unlucky in his last race and just missed out on a medal.

It was a great team effort and hopefully next year we will come back even stronger.




By Adele Lambert – 03/08/16

Well done to everyone at the Table tennis – Joan Whitney won a Gold and a Silver .
A few of our guys and supporters played social football but unfortunately John & Shirley Coyle’s son broke his collar bone so we send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Well done to everyone who took part in the social football.

The big events of the games for all and often a first event for some people was the Donor Run /walk.
This was a 3 or 5k course along the beautiful Liverpool waterfront.






We were very blessed and had lovely weather.
A lot of the team took part in this event with their friends or families.
We had new team members Debra Barlow & her friend Diane, The Kerr family, Dave and his wife Hillary Hosfall, Kate & David Wales & her parents who all joined the games for the first time this year and celebrated together by walking the Donor run.

We all had a great night.
Well done to everyone who took part in the Donor Run or walk.

I just wanted to say how great all the volunteers have been at the games and as usual the Physiotherapy team volunteer their services to injured athletes or even those just a bit sore after pushing their little legs fast round the 3k walk (Me)

Thanks to everyone volunteering at the games, it is much appreciated by us all.

Final day – Sunday 30th July – Track day

Today we were blessed with amazing weather and for those of you who have been at the rainy track ones it makes a huge difference.
Team Freeman did us proud again with our athletes collectively competing in every track and field event apart from the high jump.

We even had Transplant TV following a few of our athletes (I will post the link once I get it)

Well done to Liam John Waterworth who had a go at throwing the Javelin for the first time in his life and our new member Colm Kerr for running his first ever track events, gaining a Bronze in the 200m & running the 100m

John Docherty tried the Discus and shot put for the first time and did really well.

Well done to Christine Brunton for the Bronze in the 100m a great achievement.
Well done to Joan Whitney for a medal in the ball throw.

Louise McLellan had an outstanding performance at the track competing the 400, 800m gaining two medals & was also part of our relay.

Well done to our guys in the throwing events with David John winning medals in the Shot put and Discuss.

Robert Hodgkiss also won a Gold in the Discuss & Bronze in the Backstroke, well done Rob. Well done to Mark Allen in the Javelin & Rebecca Long in the Ball throw.
Kez Greenwood was injured but still managed to achieve a Gold in the Shot put so well done.

Well done to Sid Lamb for a medal on the 100m.
Well done Paul Woodward for running the 100m and the relay with an injury.
Well done Stuart Kaye in the 1500m
Well done to Richard Caulkin for competing in the 100, 200 and 100m relay, 3 very fast events – a great achievement.
Well done to Simon Ripley who ran the 1500m and the relay.

Finally well done tour Freeman relay team Louise McLellan, Simon Ripley , Richard Caulkin and Paul Woodward who last thing in the day after all their previous running events had to muster the energy to run another 100m sprint – You all did us proud.

To everyone in the team and at the games regardless of medals you have all achieved something great by taking part and celebrating life.

Be Proud of your achievements

Gala Evening and closing event

After a great day 54 of our Team Freeman competitors & supporters all got our glad rags on and went to the Gala dinner at the ACC Liverpool to celebrate.
We had a great night with great food & company.
The icing in the cake was when our Chairman Derek Airey was awarded the prestigious Transplant Sport Peter Griffin memorial award for Outstanding Commitment & Contribution to the promotion of Organ Donation and Transplant Sport.

We are very honoured to have Derek as our Chairman and so glad his commitment has been recognised.
Well done Derek, We All love you.
The final award of the night went to Adele Lambert.

Adele was nominated by the team for the Graham Marsh memorial award.

Adele couldn’t attend the gala dinner so was presented with her award over facetime and filmed on Transplant TV

A final well done to our – Young Adults in our ‪‎Team Freeman at the games this year on everything you have achieved in ‪Liverpool regardless of medals.

Lewis Linton and Ewan Smith have just joined us this year from the Children’s team which is a very big step and Linzi Saunders joined us last year.

Ewan won medals in the swimming competing for the first time again adults – a great achievement.

Well done Lewis for your effort and medal in the football and for the Darts not long after your new Kidney, a great achievement.

Well done to Linzi in the darts and Ten Pin Bowling.

You have both done amazing just being there at the games after a tough year.
Thanks to Rebecca Long for looking after them all and very well done on your two medals in Ten Pin and Ball throw and your effort at the table tennis – Another outstanding personal achievement and performance.
Once again thanks to everyone for making the games amazing, a group of inspiration people who grasp life and Live it to the full and have fun while achieving great things.
It was also lovely to have a special guest from the Netherlands stay with our team this year – Gérard Van Leussen, it was a pleasure to meet you, hope to see you again.

The British Transplant games in 2017 will be in Lanarkshire so hope to see you all there.

Take care and keep well.

Thanks to all our donor’s and donor families for making all this possible

Vicky Pettersen – 2/08/16

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