British Transplant Games – Children’s Challenge 2021

British Transplant Games – Children’s Challenge 2021

BTG have opened up a fun activity for Children. Full details and guidance are in the links below but basically complete 5 activities, ask an adult to verify activity was completed and scan or send completed booklet. All participants will receive a certificate and medal!

It is open to any child with connections to the Transplant Family, therefore if you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc that may enjoy doing this at the start of school holidays then let them know.

If you do have anyone wanting to take part,  then please if you could let me know by email: then I can give their names to the organizers  which will assist in certificate issue!

Any completed booklets email to  myself ( by 6th August) and I will happily forward them on for you.

Louise McLellan

FHLTA Sports Manager

TS Childrens Challenge Booklet

TS Childrens Challenge Guide



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