Graham Marsh Award: Update

Graham Marsh Award: Update

Graham Marsh was a Freeman Sports Manager who sadly died.  Since 2010 a beautiful shield has been awarded at the British Transplant Games each year, the team have voted and awarded it to the team member they considered to have made a special contribution during the games. The Shield is now complete and therefore will not be awarded at Coventry 2023 (there will still be awards just not this one). I would like to recognise those team members who had such an impact on the team that they were lucky enough to receive this award:

Kez Greenwood 2010

Andrew Drysdale 2011 Belfast

Richard Caulkin 2012 Medway

Simon Ripley 2013 Sheffield

John Coyle 2014 Fife

Chris Richardson 2015 Newcastle/Gateshead

Adele Lambert 2016 Liverpool

Adele Lambert 2017 North Lanarkshire

Louise McLellan 2018 Birmingham

Katy Taylor-Hamilton 2019 Newport

David Munro 2022 Leeds

It has been a great privilege to have been able to present such an award to amazing team members.

Louise McLellan

Sports Manager



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