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The FHLTA are always grateful to all who donate money to the charity

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Cheque Donations - Thank you!


100 pounds donated to the FHLTA an amazing amount thanks from all at the FHLTA to all involved.

£100.00 14 May 2019

Karen Hill & Katie Frazer

Karen Hill i am taking part in a 60 mile cycle for FHLTA because my dad got a new heart at the freeman 30 years ago.

Katie Frazer i am taking part in a 60 mile cycle for FHLTA because my relative received a heart transplant there. fantastic achievement from both ladies for a fantastic cause with thanks from all at the FHLTA welldone.

£645.00 & 540.00 02 Aug 2019

James Kerr

James Kerr and friends did a collection to celebrate 30 years of his heart transplant together they raised 3200.00 which is an amazing amount. many thanks and congratulations from all at the FHLTA on your milestone long may it continue.


££3200.00. 02 Aug 2019

Janette Smith

In loving memory of Elizabeth Buchan

£700 27 Jun 2019


£85.00 donated by Lesley in celebration of another year of life.  The FHLTA remain grateful to you and wish you all the best.

£85 19 Mar 2019


£172.40 donated from holding a car boot sale.  Thanks so much for all the hard work and the money raised.

£172.40 19 Mar 2019

Maureen and George

£100 donated and received from Maureen and George.  Your donation is very generous and gratefully received.

£100 05 Mar 2019

How we Help

£5,000 - Heart Storage Box Development

£5,000 - Heart Storage Box Development

Professor John Dark is working in collaboration with a Swedish group, who have developed a “heart storage box”. This will make the Freeman the second team anywhere in the world to use this box!

Other Donations

Just Giving Donations

Just Giving Donations

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Donation Recognition

A little thank you from us!

A little thank you from us!

When you make a donation with us, simply let us know that you would like a testimonial tile on our website, along with any message you would like us to include for you.

The benefits of keeping active....

Physical activity will help your new organ last as long as possible, reduce risk of diabetes, maintain bone health and manage weight gain that can result from treatment.
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