How we Help

We are a hands-on charity with our primary goal being the welfare and wellbeing of patients.

A hands-on charity

As well as its role in promoting public awareness of transplantation and organ donation, supporting training and research opportunities for staff, the FHTLA is very much a hands-on charity and is concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of individual patients.

Heart and lung transplant patients and their families know too well what a great challenge the transplant recovery process can be. Patients are often an inpatient for many weeks, if not months, and are frequently a long way from home. Close family members may have to make considerable adjustments to their own lives in order to provide essential care and support for their loved ones who have undergone a transplant.

It can be a very expensive time for families: carers may no longer be being paid by their employer, welfare benefits for patient and carer may have been suspended and the extra expenses of living away from home can be an additional source of stress and anxiety.

“The additional support given to patients and families through the FHTLA is invaluable”

The FHLTA is able to support the work of staff members on the Transplant Unit to provide immediate practical and at times financial assistance, where there is greatest need. All transplant patients are advised and counselled by Transplant Unit staff at the time of assessment for transplant, about the need for careful planning and preparation. However, the challenges and uncertainties of transplant may be huge, and the additional support given to patients and families through the FHTLA is invaluable.

As social workers on the Transplant Unit we are greatly appreciative of the extra support provided by the FHTLA which otherwise would not be available for patients and families.

Shirley Ashworth, Gemma Berwick and Emma Sowerby
Social Workers, Heart and Lung Transplant Unit.

How we spent your money

From the previous financial year (2022 – 2023), the following achievements have been made by the FHLTA:

  • FHLTA Christmas party 2022 including Annual General Meeting (AGM) – first social gathering since Covid 19 pandemic. Bringing together our transplant community.
  • Funding of a further £15,000 for Paragnoix heart boxes (have had a further request for continued funding for this financial year).
  • Fundraising packs created at a cost of £809.02 rolled out at the end of last year.
  • Patient support fund of £8,500 entrusted to the transplant social workers to support adult and child patients and families (Freeman Heart & Lung transplants).
  • Patient support of £250 entrusted to the transplant social workers provided in the way of £10 and £20 Sainsbury’s vouchers for support with essentials around emergency admissions or longer stays in hospital.
  • British Transplant Games went ahead this year in Coventry and we supported patients to attend at a cost of £10,216.87.
  • WIFI provided and funded for a further year at the flats at Freeman Hospital costing £243.42.
  • Fees, insurance and maintenance of the 2 FHLTA static caravan sited at Whitley Bay Holiday Park and Tattershall Lakes Country Park at a cost of £24,426.92.
  • Further roll out of FHLTA Bags with Love project, although due to existing stock this was at a smaller cost of £82.60. These bags are to support patients on wards at Freeman Hospital awaiting, or who have recently received a heart and/or lung transplant.

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Just Giving

Just Giving

Donate quickly and easily though our Just Giving page. Whether its a one off donation or even a monthly contribution, or maybe its an event that you are planning on doing, Just Giving is a great platform that can process online payments.

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Please make cheques payable to Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association or FHLTA  and send them to the following address:
FHLTA Treasurer
24 Linden Court
County Durham
DL16 6PL

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