Corporate Giving

Reasons why supporting charity is good for businesses

Companies can create great relationships with charities that go beyond simply donating money

Reasons why supporting charity is good for businesses:

Make a difference to your community

Give back to your community through charity and give yourself a new perspective on work and life.

PR to be proud of

Charity stories in your marketing let everyone know you charitable contribution in the community and it can show clients that your organisation is committed to charitable causes. If managed well, successful relationships with charities can positively impact your organisation’s reputation.

Increase employee morale

Seeing the organisation they work for support charitable causes increases positivity amongst employees. Offering a work based charitable scheme, who offer staff three volunteering days per year, will increase morale and commitment amongst staff.

Help define your brand identity

Your companies charitable initiatives can play a large part in positioning your brand as reliable and ethical. Stand out from the competition by appealing to potential job applicants.


Why support FHLTA as your chosen charity

Heart Transplantation in the North-East

Transplantation of the heart has a very strong history in the north-east of England. It is now over 30 years since we performed our first transplant – 1985 – and this was the first for a centre outside London or the south-east. Only year later we became the third nationally designated centre, providing a service for the whole of the north of England and Scotland.

Other landmarks followed rapidly. We did the first transplant in a baby in the UK in 1987 and what was probably the first successful lung transplant in Europe the same year. Over the next two decades the centre grew to be the largest in the country. The Freeman is the only hospital providing heart and lung transplantation to both children and adults.

We continue to provide lung transplantation for the whole of Scotland and for many years look after their heart transplant patients also. From 1999 we had a contract with the Republic of Ireland and both performed their lung transplants and mentored their own local program in Dublin.

We have many links around the world particularly through an interchange of trainees. There are physicians and surgeons working successfully and as far afield as the USA, Belgium and Australia, after training in Newcastle.

Local support has always been a key strength of the program. We have been wonderfully supported by the Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association FHLTA. This has included buying crucially important equipment, supporting education and training for all of the stuff and pump priming locally driven research. But we also have a very strong place in the local community. Through repeated exposure in Newcastle’s press and television, everyone knows us and our achievements. We are identified as one of the good and influential features of the city and the region.

We will continue to build on this local support, with very strong collaborations with the University and the number of exciting developments in the care of our patients. There are more heart transplants done, proportionally, for the north-east than anywhere else in the country. We want to continue this brilliant record.

John Dark
Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Newcastle University
Leading Heart and Lung Transplant Surgeon, Freeman Hospital, 1987-2017

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CAF exist to make giving go further. They are a charity, a bank and a champion for better giving, and for over 90 years we’ve been helping donors, companies, charities and social organisations make a bigger impact. To donate simply search for “Freeman Heart”.

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