Corporate Giving

Reasons why supporting charity is good for businesses

Companies can create great relationships with charities that go beyond simply donating money

Reasons why supporting charity is good for businesses:

Make a difference to your community

Give back to your community through charity and give yourself a new perspective on work and life.

PR to be proud of

Charity stories in your marketing let everyone know you charitable contribution in the community and it can show clients that your organisation is committed to charitable causes. If managed well, successful relationships with charities can positively impact your organisation’s reputation.

Increase employee morale

Seeing the organisation they work for support charitable causes increases positivity amongst employees. Offering a work based charitable scheme, who offer staff three volunteering days per year, will increase morale and commitment amongst staff.

Help define your brand identity

Your companies charitable initiatives can play a large part in positioning your brand as reliable and ethical. Stand out from the competition by appealing to potential job applicants.


Corporate Donation's



CAF exist to make giving go further. They are a charity, a bank and a champion for better giving, and for over 90 years we’ve been helping donors, companies, charities and social organisations make a bigger impact. To donate simply search for “Freeman Heart”.

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