Sports Team

The Freeman Heart & Lung Transplant Sports Team

Absolutely all ages and all abilities are welcome!

Each summer (amongst other satellite events) the sports team attend the British Transplant Games.

Absolutely all ages and all abilities are welcome to join a great, fun loving team as we celebrate life and our precious gifts together over a weekend of competition.

Sports include:

Archery, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Bowls, Ten Pin Bowling, Darts, Swimming, Track and Field Athletics, Football, Squash plus the much loved Donor Walk/Run (where our supporters can join us) and not forgetting the great opportunity to make friends for life in our transplant community.

FHLTA assists with costs of registration, gala celebration tickets and 25% off accommodation in the team hotel.

In addition to British Transplant Games throughout the year there are satellite events for example racquet sports, volleyball football and swimming.

Every two years we also attend the European Heart ang Lung Transplant Championships so there is plenty to get involved in.

For further details please contact :

Louise Mclellan (FHLTA Sports Team Manager)

07768 024 497

Team Member Stories:

Katy Taylor Hamilton says:

“I am Katy Taylor Hamilton I did my first Transplant games in Scotland 6 months after receiving my new heart I like meeting people who had Transplants making new friends and being part of the team Freeman I love competing in all the different events and training for them keeps me fit I love talking part doing the Donor walk to thank my donor and raising awareness for Organ donation and I enjoy the socialising 

Come and Join us!”

Katy’s mum, Emma says:

“My daughter Katy is 22 and has Downs Syndrome. She had her heart transplant in January 2017 and attended her first Transplant Games in July 2017 – just six months post transplant, taking part in the Donor Walk and the Ball Throw. It was a fantastic opportunity for her to mix with other transplantees, and swap stories. When you first have a transplant, you can feel a little isolated, but being part of the FHLTA and especially the sports team, makes you realise there are others just the same as you. For me as a parent and Team Supporter, I have found that being a part of this community is almost like being part of an extended family. The “old-hands” are really supportive and welcoming – you don’t feel like a newbie for long. Katy is now just over two years transplanted and has taken part in two British Games & one European (Lignano 2018). She’s currently “in training” for Newport 2019 – she loves being part of the transplant family and Team Freeman. Come and join us – you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Adam Ellwood says:

“My name is Adam Ellwood I had a Heart Transplant in March 2018. I’m really looking forward to attending my first Transplant games and meeting other team members. 
I’m going to be competing in 10 pin bowling, shot put, 5K run and the donor walk. I never thought I would be able to do anything like this a big thank you to my amazing donor.”

The benefits of keeping active....

Physical activity will help your new organ last as long as possible, reduce risk of diabetes, maintain bone health and manage weight gain that can result from treatment.
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