WHBTG Coventry 2020

WHBTG Coventry 2020

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Once you register for WHBTG Coventry 2020 I will be contacting you to ask you for your kit size. Each registered competitor will receive a Polo Shirt, A Technical Training Shirt and a Track Hoodie.

Pictures of kit

Kit Size Guide

Please refer to link below when ordering kit and take the measurements required. Do not order based on what you have had before. Kit cannot be changed if wrong size ordered.


Introduction To Coventry Games 2020.

WHBTG Coventry Introduction


Please complete Medical form below and scan it to:


or post to: Louise McLellan, 9 Falstone Drive, Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham, DH2 3ST. If you would rather I did not see it that’s fine , just write your name on the reverse of the envelope and write “to remain sealed”.

I will pass all medicals to the Freeman for signing and then onto the organisers of the games. I will keep copies (unless you want it to remain sealed) if this is ok with yourselves which will be destroyed after the games. If you rather I did not hold a copy please let me know.

Coventry 2020 Medical

Schedule 20th February 2020

Sports and Venues Schedule Coventry 2020 (1)

The benefits of keeping active....

Physical activity will help your new organ last as long as possible, reduce risk of diabetes, maintain bone health and manage weight gain that can result from treatment.
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