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Newcastle Fresher’s Week 2016

We attended two wonderful days at the Newcastle Fresher’s Week with nearly 200 people signing up to the organ donor...read more

Successful day at the Blyth Tall Ships Regatta

Another bank holiday and another busy time for the FHLTA team as they ran a donor awareness stall at the...read more

Neil Wrightson is leaving Freeman Hospital

Neil Wrightson is leaving the Freeman Hospital at the end of the month and has written to the FHLTA with his...read more

Have your friends had the organ donation conversation?

We know that as a supporter of Transplant Sport and a member of the transplant family you know the importance...read more

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New Sport Team Manager

Hello Everyone I have now taken over as The Freeman Sports Team Manager and Louise Mclellan will be Assistant Team...read more

FHLTA Team report on British Transplant Games – Liverpool July 2016

British Transplant Games – Liverpool 2016 Team managers write up – Vicky Pettersen Day 1 – Thursday 28th July We...read more

Transplant Sport is now registered as an official running/walking club at parkrun

Transplant Sport is now registered as an official running/walking club at parkrun. Help us spread the word about organ donation...read more

TS 5 Nations Golf Tournament 4–5 June 2016, Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

TS 5 Nations Golf Tournament 4 – 5 June 2016 In Northern Ireland at Lough Erne. This is a fabulous...read more

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30th anniversary of lung transplantation
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